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Daliss Koyal is probably best known as Dallas Coyle from God Forbid.  When he left the band, he was somewhat quiet on the music scene, and some fans thought he had put music aside at this time of his life/career, for whatever reason.

However, Daliss could never walk away from music; it’s an essential part of his core, of who he is and how he represents himself. He’s now had time to journey to some different and unexpected musical places, with no pre-conceived expectations, and more importantly, no constraints.  

On this journey, he has continued writing.  A deliberate lack of publicity has kept him off the radar,  and this meant he could travel away from rock and metal, instead going through, experiencing, and immersing himself in a variety of different genres and sounds.   This ride through a vast number musical worlds, has given him time to conceive of, give birth to, and raise his new project.

Introducing (Genetic / Mr Mascot / Mad Carousal).  It’s not a come back, or a return to old roots.  It’s something new, crafted from the experiences of his musical explorations, and music previously written but not ready/right for release until now.

He has a genuinely progressive sound, taking the listener through a mix of moods and emotions, all with a dark, slightly disturbing or sinister edge… This is Smooth Terror.  By writing all musical parts  for every instrument, the sublime vocal harmonies, and the profound lyrics, each track has Daliss’s musical genetics at it’s core.

His music has a uniquely ‘Daliss’ feel and sound, like a musical thumbprint can be identified and recognized throughout all of his work.  His sound comes from deep within his/him/DNA, continually growing and transforming, and when this is combined with a rawness of emotions such as passion, melancholy, or anger, the resulting music is totally mind blowing.

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MUSIC IS A GIFT… This is for all to download, share, love, hate, etc. I hope some of you can heal from the power of this music. This is your hotline — Use it.

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Some interesting artwork! #dalisskoyal

Some interesting artwork! #dalisskoyal

#TitleFxsome art for #dalisskoyal

#TitleFxsome art for #dalisskoyal

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#TitleFx Molly says #hello #hi #classicrockalbumcover